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Absolute Desire for

Absolute Dominance

Absolute Flex Appeal is in the business of creating the magic that occurs when a client and a trainer partner up to help them achieve their new levels of health, confidence, and overall success.  

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The second I stepped foot into Absolute Flex Appeal a fire was lit and I swear I felt like this gym was made for me.
They aren’t like every other gym in the area. The owners care to know your first time. They actually listen when you talk, and if you need help it’s absolutely no problem.
— Allison
Tyler Andrade is an absolutely amazing trainer! This man knows his stuff. His energy is amazing and the passion and love he shows in helping others achieve their goals is priceless.
— Samantha
The Gym is clean. All of the trainers are friendly and like a family. Tyler, the owner, is amazing to work with. They are very easy to communicate with, and quick to respond. I feel more confident and un-self conscious here than any other gym I have belonged to.
— Rosie


We’ve just been named

2018 & 2019!! Best Gym In Roseville!


About Tyler Andrade, Founder & CEO


My childhood was a rough start. My dad was in prison and my mom was working to provide for us. We moved a lot and by Junior High School I was running the streets of East San Diego caught up with gangs, drugs and several group homes by 10th grade. I found football in High School and found my passion for life. I graduated High School and had my son at age 18.

I Studied Kinesiology & Sports Medicine, and Interned as a strength and conditioning coach at San Diego State. In 2016 the bottom fell out from under me, I was let go from the Rail Road for budget cuts, I was divorced and had limited visitation with my son, I was homeless and lived out of my truck and then - I attempted Suicide!

In 2017 I created Absolute Flex Appeal and by 2018 the Absolute Family partnership began. My mom sold her house in Nevada and moved to California so we could use that capital to finance the opening of the 1st facility and expansion to our 2nd location.

With my grandfather’s wisdom, my mom’s capital investment, my Lady’s business expertise, and turning my son into an entrepreneur of Bubba Bandzz, we are a four generation family led entrepreneurship.